Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Kitchen

Lula's preferred method of the intra-borough move

For various reasons, not really the money saving type, I have moved out to a 2 bedroom apartment in Bedford Stuyvesant this past weekend. Moving is always stressful, and doing it in Brooklyn was doubly so. There's still some minor repairs that need to be done, but at least I could finally unpack (today, exactly 7 days after moving in). The landlord is a bit much, but over all a sweet lady.

It's huge (NY huge):

Living Room

Bigger Bedroom (which we're making a study)

Bedroom (OK, it's tight, but the view is gorgeous, and we're skinny)

But of course, my favorite place is the kitchen. I had my own living area and sleeping area (very lux, for a roommate situation) before in Crown Heights, but now I don't have to share this 6'x11' kitchen with anyone (well, kitty and boyfriend). Any other place, this would be "tiny" but I think it's huge. And we're stick a narrow table and a couple barstools in their later on. It will be epic. Narrow awesomeness.

The Brussels Sprout branch is more beautiful than flowers
(and I appear to have a U of Illinois color scheme- entirely unintentional)

This floor is nuts.

my pantry (no sharing)

Great sunlight

I put up those utensils myself

First Baking Project: Bitman's faster No Knead Bread (half whole wheat)

I'm in love


koo' said...

best. decision. ever.
love it.

koo' said...

couch looks awesome, btw

you two are skinny - but how are you going to get out of bed?