Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lefty Cook's Empire State of Mind

Lately, living in NYC has been a challenge and a half.

However, soon I'll move to Bedford Village (a mini-neighborhood in the larger section of Brooklyn). I'm psyched, because:Mookie approves

I dream of Brownstones

It's one of the oldest, culturally rich neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Bobby Kennedey dug Bed-Stuy

Fast commute to midtown (and Harlem)

Notorious Guardian Angels

I've been swamped since coming back from many trips this semester (and I would like one more Minnesota trip before the fella moves out here permanently).
After coming back from Germany, I lusted after Frankfurter Grüne Soße. It's nothing fancy, like a runnier, less rich pesto (or a non spicy salsa verde) made with more herbs. Traditionally, one can buy the herbs ready bundled for making green sauce in grocery stores during summer. I unfortunately don't have access to sorel, borage, water cress, chevril, and salad burnet. I could probably hike all over town to find them in little European stores, but it's nearly Novemer people. I just used what I had in the house.

Frankfurter Green Sauce a la Crown Heights:
Blend together:
4 cloves garlic
3 chopped green onions (hairs chopped off) Note: the Germans are not so into raw aromatics like Lefty Cooks. Feel free to exclude if you're going to engage in social activities soon aftewards
1 bunch each of parlsey and cilantro, any green herb hanging around (basil is probably too strong)
1/2 avocado (optional, I had it hanging around)
water to mix things up
1 cup plain yogurt or low fat cottage cheese
salt/pepper to taste
vinegar or lemon juice to taste (or stone ground mustard)

Directions: Whir it all up in a blender. Pour over boiled potatoes and egg halves.

This tasted good the next day, and I poured it over roasted potatoes (sprinkled with upstate NY raw smoked cheddar). It also went well with black beans into soft tacos 3 days later.

This isn't cooked, but it's still worth sharing. Cheddar Caulflower, hanging out with its cousin white cauliflower, about to get slow roasted at 400 with olive oil in a cast iron skillet. Pride of Long Island.

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i'm jealous. wish i was there.