Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sexy valentine's day cinnamon bun WIN!

Happy Valentine's Day/V-Day/Lunar New Year/President's Day Weekend from Lefty Cooks!

OK, they're not that sexy or particularly groundbreaking, but I came in to this "reuse pizza dough" recipe with low expectations. I mean, if amazing and talented Cathy Erway had a pizza dough cinnamon bun fail, I was aware that I would likely also face challenges.
First the bad: they didn't stick together so well, and the cast iron skillet was a bitch the clean, and I ate too many.
Then the good: crispy on the outside, soft on the outside. Just the right amount of sweet that you can control. I used ingredients already on hand. And partly whole wheat, so it's practically good for you.

I used the remaining 1/3 of the pizza dough from last night. There was one bit I took that seemed have a bit of garlic in it, but that didn't detract from tastiness at all.

Leftover pizza dough cinnamon swirls
better than Little Debbie
1/3 of the pizza/bread recipe (day old)
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar
2 Tbs of butter, melted

Soymilk glaze
1 c of soymilk
3 tables of sugar (or more if you'd like)
splash of vanilla extract

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
Roll out the dough fairly thin, but not translucent thin, into a rectangle. You'll want to shape it so one length will get rolled up and the other length (longer one) will get cut into rolls.
Mix the cinnamon, sugar and melted butter. Spread onto the dough, fairly evenly. Leave some space between the edges, as it will spill out.
Carefully up the dough, from the long end.
Slice into pinwheels. Place on a cast iron skillet or a pie plate/10" cake pan.
Bake for about 10-12 minutes (until golden brown).

But before putting them into the oven:
Warm up soymilk until almost boiling in small saucepan, medium heat. Add the sugar and vanilla. Add more sugar if you'd like (taste it first). Stir and watch the pot, you'll want it to reduce and simmer to a thick sauce.

Take the buns out of the oven. Spoon the vanilla glaze on top of each roll. Pop back in the oven for a final 2 minutes (careful that you don't scorch). If you have any left over glaze, add some more to tops after you take them out.


Anne said...

YUM! I made Bob some sexy orange sweet rolls on Valentine's day eve. Sadly, they were just Pilsbury. I really need to take a stab at making them homemade and in an iron skillet sometime. Hope you and blokey had a nice Valentines :) (you know, if you're into that)

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Thanks! We did. We're not that into making the day about love but we did make an effort to get our work done by a certain time (9 PM?) so we could relax. I fell asleep during the movie. It was a hard to watch director, and it was one of his "difficult films." Yeah...

Viva La Fashion said...

yum! those look sooo good. :)